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Soon after her return from a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff dies from what is a flu or some other type of infection. Her young son dies later the same day. Her husband Mitch however seems immune. Thus begins the spread of a deadly infection. For doctors and administrators at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, several days pass before anyone realizes the extent or gravity of this new infection. They must first identify the type of virus in question and then find a means of combating it, a process that will likely take several months. As the contagion spreads to millions of people worldwide, societal order begins to break down as people panic.

 Marion Cotillard ... Dr. Leonora Orantes

Matt Damon       ... Mitch Emhoff

Laurence Fishburne ...Dr. Ellis Cheever


Blogging is not writing. It's just graffiti with punctuation.

My wife makes me take off my clothes in the garage. Then she leaves out a bucket of warm water and some soap. And then she douses everything in hand sanitizer after I leave. I mean, she's overreacting, right?

When was the last time you ate something that didn't come from a vending machine?

When did we run out of body bags?

Godzilla, King Kong, Frankenstein all in one.

I didn't ask what you're doing, Beth, I asked how you are. So... how are you? 

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Follow the season like never before with the Official F1® App


 Ahead of this weekend’s 2014 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, the all new Official Formula 1® App is now available. The Lite edition - a free download - offers live lap times for each driver, lap numbers and sector classification. It also offers a full range of news stories and session commentary from Formula1.com.

Meanwhile, the F1 2014 Premium Season Pass - an in-app purchase - gives users full access to exclusive content from personalised timing and driver trackers to tyre, speed and DRS data, allowing users to follow each round of the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship like never before.

All data comes direct from Formula One races around the world and is shared only with teams, broadcasters and fans with the Premium Season Pass of the Official Formula 1 App.

F1 2014 Premium Season Pass inclusions:

Live Timing
- with customisable timing pages, follow official lap timing to a thousandth of a second, gaps, intervals, sector times and best laps. See instantly how a driver is doing compared to rivals using the official timing colour codes. Plus DRS data and pit stop indicators.

In-Corner Analysis - on selected corners, compare team mates’ entry, exit and apex speeds. See their track position, their braking points, in-corner gear and rpm data, and where they start accelerating out of the turn.

Exclusive Team Radio - each live session features exclusive driver radio transmissions not available anywhere else.

Drag Reduction System (DRS) data - exclusive to the Official F1 App, the interactive map shows which drivers have DRS available and how they are using it. Monitor a driver’s speed, gear and track position as they pass through the clearly marked DRS zones.

Race Control Messages - live updates on track, stewards’ investigations, stewards’ decisions, DRS status, driver penalties, blue flag warnings, air and track temperature and more.

Tyre History - learn which tyre compounds drivers are on, which tyres have already been used, how many laps a driver has done on the tyres and whether it was a fresh set or a used set.

Live Commentary and Video Stills - as seen on Formula1.com, read through live text commentary alongside regularly updated still images of the race. Commentary also available in French and German.

English Audio Commentary - for live English commentary, listen to the Official F1 App's carefully selected English race commentary team, provided by one of our broadcast partners.

Personalisation Content - personalise your experience by choosing your favourite driver to view their information quickly. On smaller mobile devices, the timing pages can be adjusted to show the data you want to see.

And more - with a newly designed media hub, keep up to date with the latest news, features, video and images from Formula1.com. This also includes a race results section, standings and a live, in-race championship standings calculator.

The Official F1 App is available to download now for iOS in iTunes, and for Android in Google Play.

For tickets and travel to 2014 FORMULA 1 races, click here.
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Workbook 1_B.rar - 48 MB

Chicos de 2do año. Acá está el link para descargar el libro de actividades que prometí.
Nuevamente a las chicas que hicieron este trabajo, muchas gracias!

Share workbook 1_B.rar - 48 MB

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-Horse and cart for sale.Going for a price.

-In Gantua we set our scene ... from a magic bean.
And from there, beyond the reach of men... a plague of giants did descend.

-We're sorry, sir.We don't want any trouble.
-Good. Because that's what you're gonna get. Trouble.

-What's your name?
-Something wrong with your knees, Jack?

-Close the gates to the city take some men and find that monk.

-Well, I don't mean to make your job so hard all the time... it's just sometimes,I have to get out of here.

-Monks have no money.They're monks!The man robbed you!

-So why force me to marry someonetwice my age whom I do not love? I'm sorry, Roderick.

-You are so like your mother.

-Thank you for defending my honor, Jack.

-This is the book I gave her.And look at those broken branches.


- Help us! Pull us up!
-I think it's time to lighten the load!
-Frazier, what are you doing?
-No! Please!
-What's happening down there?
-No! Please!
-Sorry, boys!
-Roderick, what's going on?
-The line!It snapped!They're gone! They're all gone!

-They're uglier than I remember.